PROBLEM: Idea is to provide beverage suited to a person’s current health state. A Tier-2 city based startup came up with idea of Herbal tea dispenser machine. Determination of person’s health and choice of herbal tea, on-the-go was a challenge.  At Customer Location Ashoka platform’s ‘Tongue Module’ was used to compute the ‘vikruti’ type. A […]


PROBLEM: The problem definition was how to couple strengths of Ayurveda and Genomics that too for European market. One of our German customers who is working in Genomincs was amazed with Predictive analytical power of Ayurveda. At Customer Location A ‘Wellbeing Compute’ module of Ashoka platform was selected. The inputs given to this module are […]


PROBLEM: The vision is to provide medical diagnostics capability at primary health care centers at the remotest location of India. One of our customers is working on improving the quality of life of underprivileged group. Ayurveda was big part of their focus area. The whole process of Ayurveda based diagnosis needed to be automated and yet its […]


PROBLEM: Post pandemic, importance of better work-life balance is more prominently underlined. One of our customers, had great product idea about employee wellbeing monitoring tool for corporate sector. The product idea was to periodically capture employee wellbeing data conveniently and then compute wellness metric. The customer then had analysis tool which can do in depth […]